Silver Points, any point in using em!

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Re: Silver Points, any point in using em!

Post by sbornfeld » Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:28 pm

I would reject your implication that we in the U.S. enjoy any greater professional competence or probity regarding endodontic services. I would also question your assessment that thermoplasticized gutta percha and "continuous wave" condensation has been established as any kind of a "gold standard" among endodontists. In fact I know plenty of very fine endodontists who use cold gutta percha, lateral condensation or even resin root canal fillers. The manufacturers of course would like you to believe that the very best instrumentation, irrigation, file material and configuration has been established.
In the end, all that matters is results. I think it is counterproductive to try to tell your endodontist how he/she should diagnose, irrigate, shape, or fill canals. You should trust your endodontist, and if you don't you should find another.
Steven Bornfeld, DDS
Brooklyn, NY

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Re: Silver Points, any point in using em!

Post by pshadow » Tue Dec 19, 2017 4:00 pm

With respect, then why would american association of endodontist give an advisory/recommendations against use of silver points?

Again with great respect are those fine endodontists who use cold gp the ones who have also familiarized themselves with other methods?

I am definitely not qualified to make dental arguments, but would a dentist allow silver wire to be put in his tooth?

I get you point about trust and finding one. That has indeed been my problem finding one, because in this case I don't find any literature/opinion in support of silver wire and you yourself had been told not to expend your time in it forty years ago!

Also I get your point about results (loud & clear) thank you!

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